Top 10 Nastiest Foods in The world

Wednesday, January 12th 2011. | Foods

First don’t get sick , these 10 foods are not made of cats or dogs. Here`s 10 nastiest food in the world. According to people who sell it, these 10 menus are delicious and good for our health. I am sure many Americans or wildlife activists don’t agree with that though.

10. Ducks tongue

1. Duck tongues Top 10 Nastiest Foods in The world

Duck tongues

Ducks tongue is served as a menu in Hong Kong and around China Mainland. It is believed that Duck tongue is less fat and cholesterol.

9. Worm filled lollipops

Worm filled lollipops Top 10 Nastiest Foods in The world

Worm-filled lollipops

Some people believe that cooked worms and grasshopper inside the lollipops are best cure to heal asthma and skin allergy. The best thing to enjoy it is suck and chew it.Yummy

8. Haggis

Haggis. Top 10 Nastiest Foods in The world


Haggis is a traditional menu that is composed with sheep`s liver, lungs, and heart. To add more taste, those fatty meat is cooked with oatmeal, spices,onion, and salt.

7. Deep fried Mars bar

7. Deep fried Mars bar.  Top 10 Nastiest Foods in The world

Deep fried Mars bar.

Deep friend mars bar is a creative way to enjoy sweet mars bar on a plate. Some people served it with fish and chip after fried the chocolate bars in hot oil

6. Digger wasp rice cracker

6. Digger wasp rice cracker. Top 10 Nastiest Foods in The world

Digger wasp rice cracker

At first, it was just a traditional Japanese rice crackers.Because it taste plain, Some family added insects and bees in it. It taste richer and better. A lot People who eat it say one Digger wasp rice cracker is never enough. .

5. Fried spiders

5. Fried spiders Top 10 Nastiest Foods in The world

Fried spiders

The taste is not as bad as the looks. Almost all people who have tried it for the first time said that it taste like a crispy chicken meat. It only available in Cambodia and Thailand. You should go there to try some.

4. Snake Food

4. Snake menu Top 10 Nastiest Foods in The world

Snake menu

In Asia,mainly in China, Snake is a valuable creature because the meat, the bone ,and the blood can be converted into some cash. Some snake are fried, cooked, powdered and sometimes eaten alive .

3. Seahorses on skewers

3. Seahorses on skewers Top 10 Nastiest Foods in The world

Seahorses on skewers

In China Again, Seahorse is a popular local commodity . After captured, the seahorses are fried and served on skewers. As long seahorses can be found in China or exported to this country. The demand of fried seahorse is never stop

2. Blood dishes

blood food Top 10 Nastiest Foods in The world


Blood dishes are considered contain many benefit for human`s health and vitality. In Asia, Blood dishes from Snake, ducks and Pigs are not rare in this area,

1. Fried Guinea pig

1. Fried Guinea pig.  Top 10 Nastiest Foods in The world

Fried Guinea pig.

Cooked Guinea pig is popular menu in Peru during a local pig festival. Cooked Guinea pig is known since pre-Incas era and the tradition is still preserved until the habitat of Guinea pig extinct. Once the animal extinct, the post of nastiest food in the world be edited.

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